Salami Picante
Salami Picante - Dry Cured Spicy Salami

Salami Picante was born of a tide of requests for “something hot,” a tide that has been rolling in since we began producing salami. The result is a salami that gracefully strikes a harmonious balance between “making sure the heat is felt” and “making sure you can still taste the salami’s meaty, salty nuances.” Slowly dry-cured with pasture-raised, heritage breed pork, hand-harvested sea salt, and a delicate, house-made blend of chiles, Salami Picante is a one of a kind spicy salami that will arouse your senses and heed your call when you ask for it “nice and hot.”

Beer Salami

Good Food Awards Winner Seal 2014CERVEZA SECA – DRY CURED BEER SALAMI: Bold and subtle with a robust autumnal warmth, Cerveza Seca demonstrates how the use of beer in the curing process can produce a flavor so enchantingly unique, that it eludes classification.  Slowly dry-cured with a bottle fermented brown ale, pasture raised, heritage breed pork, and hand harvested fleur de sel, this salumi is a pioneer, a rogue, an adventurer, and a distinctive addition to any table.  Store in a cool place.  While salami is safe to eat for at least 6 months, it is a living, breathing product  we recommend you enjoy it within the first 2 months after purchase.

Chorizo Product Page
Chorizo Seco: Dry Cured Chorizo

Our version of an old time classic is made with heritage breed, pasture raised pork. It is seasoned with Mediterranean sea salt, mild paprika, and garlic. It is subtle, earthy, and just powerful enough, without overpowering. Have it with greens, a nice baguette, or, our favorite way, on its own.

Campo Seco: Dry Cured Country Sausage

Earthy and rustic, sophisticated, yet totally accessible, the “Campo Seco” is made simply from pasture raised, heritage breed pork, and cured with a mineral rich, gentle, yet complex fleur de sel. Intended to demonstrate the power of simple, excellent ingredients, Campo Seco is versatile and long lasting, pairing deliciously with a wide variety of cheeses, fruits, and condiments. It is also a graceful complement to pasta, risotto, or scrambled eggs, to name a few.

Dry Fig Salami

Inspired by the immense versatility and delightful taste of figs, this “salami” is a wonderful addition to any cheese plate, a lovely complement to a dessert, or a tasty, nutritious snack. It also works marvelously with a nice glass of Malbec, Garnacha, or our favorite, Bonarda. And, because it’s made of dried fruit, it will last a long time!