Product Description

Lightly smoked and seasoned with sea salt and maple syrup, this bacon is made with pastured heritage breed pork, raised without the use of antibiotics, and fed a 100% vegetarian diet. It is delicous. The bacon melts in your mouth and the fat renders out beautifully when cooked, and can of course be reserved as a superb cooking and baking ingredient. This is bacon as it should be: Made from good meat, good salt, a touch sweet, and minimally processed, letting the meat, the salt, the maple, and the smokiness shine.

**Packaging Includes: 3 packs of bacon

** Because this product must be refrigerated, 1 day shipping is required. For customers in NY, NJ, CT, Eastern PA, and parts of MA, ground shipping is 1 day.  For customers outside of this area, shipping charges will reflect overnight rates