Berkel Slicer


Home use electric slicer with all the Berkel quality and innovative design. Reduced dimensions, ease of use and state of the art solutions ensure a perfect cut every day.


If you’re looking for an epic slicer that will fundamentally elevate your charcuterie game, look no further than a Berkel slicer.  Not only are they the standard bearers for professionals all across the food world, they are the only slicer producer making a slicer built with all the bells and whistles of a professional environment, but designed specifically for your home- which is to say, they’re PRETTY.   After getting one, I now realize that they should be a staple in the homes of every serious food lover – like a food processor, a good knife, or a mixer.  The new worlds of possibilities- from texture, to presentation, to mouth feel (see the lovely long slices of Salami Picante pictured below) - is so inspiring.  Available in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors!