About Charlito's

Our mission is to make the world a more human, more loving, more kind, and more empowering place.  We do this by creating cured meats and complementary foods that are sustainably made, transparent, and delicious.  Our food is a vehicle that exists to bring people closer, to foster nourishment, and to cultivate longevity in gastronomic tradition.

Our Meats

The meat we source for our charcuterie meets a minimum sustainability requirement of: heritage breed, antibiotic free, fed an all vegetarian diet, and raised with freedom to move.  

Our dry-cured salamis are influenced by the curing traditions of Southern Europe, particularly Spain. We also pride ourselves on being part of the diverse landscape of American food producers, with our identity rooted in the diversity and melting pot of our hometown- Queens, New York City. 

Charlito’s Cocina began in 2011. Our intention is to preserve the gastronomic tradition of curing and to integrate it into the time in which we live. Our products are made with clean and sustainable ingredients, with technique that has evolved through generations.

Our ingredient lists are short and understandable. You will never find vague words like "spices" or "flavorings" or "natural flavors" on our labels. We believe that you have a right to know what you're eating, and that we have a responsibility to tell you.

Founder—Charles Wekselbaum

I was fascinated by the process of transformation - how I could turn a highly perishable food - raw meat - into something that does the opposite of perishing, by leaving it in the zone in which it is most prone to perishing. Not only is it a way of preserving, but it is a way of elevating the food into something completely different than it was to begin with, something delicious and beautiful. It is a true triumph of human ingenuity! 

Born Charles Samuel Wekselbaum, and raised in New York City in a Cuban, Jewish, American household, I took on the nickname, “Charlito,” derived partially from a difficulty that Spanish speakers close to me seemed to  have pronouncing “Charles,” and partially of a willingness to bestow an affectionate nickname upon “little Charles.” The nickname stuck. It is rife with love, affection, and now, history. The name “Charlito’s Cocina” seemed the most fitting way to give a proud and accurate identity to this gastronomic adventure.

In 2010, I started making salamis, with 1 product, 25 lbs of meat and a truly angelic mentor who I met serendipitously, Charlito’s Cocina was born. Little by little we developed a customer base and, 12 years later, we’re here! It’s been quite a ride.

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