Our Team

Pilar Coll

Ops/Inventory/Planning Manager.   Pilar does it all.  Without her, the wheels of Charlito's do not turn.  Pilar is a gifted visionary, with a mind blowing capacity for retaining and organizing information.  A native of the Dominican Republic, Pilar has been working with CC since 2018.

Jamila O’gilvie

Co-CFO.  Accounting Wizard.  Excel Guru. Overall planning guide.  Jamila is a pioneer in her field, leaving a prestigious job in corporate America to live in Thailand and Portugal, while guiding small food producers like us towards their potential.  She was working remotely WAY before it was cool or socially acceptable.  Jamila is a native of New York’s Hudson Valley and joined us at the beginning of 2018. 

Christine Ricco

CFO. Christine keeps all of our numbers in order and in check.  She is a guide in so many ways and helped turn us around from a business on the  brink, to a business with a future.   She is the chair person of Slow Money NYC and a resident of Brooklyn, NY.  She has been with is since the beginning of 2018


Charles Wekselbaum


A native of New York City, Charles started Charlito’s Cocina in 2011, driven by a passion for entrepreneurship and a belief in the power of food to bring people together. He currently lives in New York State with his wife and 2 kids.