Charcuterie Program Consulting


We are excited to offer our knowledge to restaurants, taverns, pubs, and other eating/drinking

establishments with the intention to build and grow their charcuterie offerings.

Providing great eating and drinking establishments with the finest charcuterie is what we do.

The purpose of our consulting program is to help establishments that are looking to go the extra mile when it comes to charcuterie- to develop a thorough, delicious, and cost-effective in house charcuterie program.

A great charcuterie program is an excellent way to attract new customers, please existing customers, diversify your offerings, and create a strong profit center.

Whether you’re interested in preparing the offerings in-house, sourcing them from outside purveyors, or a little bit of both, we can help you:

1) Put together a great charcuterie menu

2) Develop recipes that fit your situation (i.e. your restaurant, you budget, your audience) so that you can make them yourself, with your own touch, your own stamp of individuality

3) Guide you through the details of preparation (including dry-curing) using different methods of charcuterie production

4) Understand the vast landscape of purveyors and producers that you can turn to for sourcing the best, most diverse charcuterie available, so that you are in full control of making your program as comprehensive or as simple you’d like.

5) Source equipment, if necessary, that is efficient, cost-effective, and good. Sometimes you don’t even need extra equipment for an awesome charcuterie program.