Suggested Uses

Suggested Uses

Keeping cured meats around is a great way to have protein handy when you don’t have time to shop or cook.
Cured meats will last a long time!


Charcuterie Board

Dry-Cured Products

Slice thinly and serve as is.
    Warm delicious bread so it’s nice and toasty and layer thinly slice salumi over it.
      Slice thinly and arrange on a mixed Charcuterie platter.
      Slice thinly and arrange atop salads.
      Pair with fresh fruits.
      Use in sandwiches.
      Incorporate into omelets or atop scrambled, poached, or fried eggs.
      Pair with cheese.
      Use as protein for quick breakfasts, lunches, or dinners.
      Slice off a couple of pieces to eat with rice, potatoes, polenta, or other grains,
      then put it back in the pantry or the fridge and repeat whenever.
      Use in soups and stews!!

        Truffle Salami

        Prepare eggs to your liking (scrambled, sunny side up, etc.) and layer thinly slices Trufa Seca atop them right as you remove the eggs from the stove, while they’re still nice and hot.


        Cut into pieces and make with scrambled eggs (GZ)